Day 1

it is almost the end of day 1. And I’m hungry – like hungry like the wolf! I had the cereal for breakfast – never again. Two cups of black coffee got me through. My day was kinda hectic as my child had a program that she had to be at by 1. I wasn’t really ready to look at lunch. But then I was starving by 2 so I actually bought two hard boiled eggs from the local market. Yes, I paid for someone else to boil my eggs – this is not cool. I also had a cup of hot tea. I think that did help curb my hunger a bit. Everyone had ice cream sundaes this afternoon – I did not. Point #teamwillpower. Once I got home I made a casserole of 2 cups of cauliflower and used the broc/cheese soup mix and made it into topping. Found it on Pinterest. Not too bad. Just remember seasoning, seasoning, seasoning. I ate a field of celery and a whole cucumber with some of the ideal salt. For dinner I had a six ounce chicken breast and more cauliflower – haven’t stocked up on supplies yet. I have taken almost all the supplements but still have three to go. I am worried that they will upset my stomach and don’t need that along with starving. The caramel/ peanut chocolate bar as a restricted snack is AWESOME! I ate it really slow and enjoyed every morsel. I also had a cup of hot tea. Now I am laying on my couch wishing I could go to sleep so I could quit being hungry. Okay so not so much hungry as really, really craving some sweets. I love sweets and they love me – we are meant to be together… And then my pants won’t button and I will continue to be unhappy with my weight. So no sugar, you cannot get in my belly!